A client came to us who was very stressed about the running of their business. They were spending hours on the administration and bookkeeping side, it was causing them undue stress and they had no free time.

The business had a manual record keeping system, a combination of excel, paper invoicing, manual debtors system, manual bank statement analysis, a manual Petty Cash book system, employees submitting manual timesheets and filling out manual mileage claims. As you can imagine this took a lot of time and meant most of their evenings and weekend were spent doing paperwork or chasing in debts.

After meeting with the client we advised the following so they could save hours of time and take back their weekends!

  1. Xero cloud accounting software – gives so many benefits, but to name a few; automatic bank feed (no more manual entry!), automatic bank rules for analysis, automatic matching of payments to invoices, emailed invoices, automatic recurring invoices for monthly agreed fees, easily see Debtor information and chase via email, up to date financial reporting and the ability to use any of the 700+ Apps connected to Xero! (see below)
  2. Receiptbank (connected to Xero) – Automated entry of receipts via phone, email or scanning. No more manual entry of Receipts and all receipts stored in the Cloud so no need to keep piles of paperwork!
  3. Satago (Connected to Xero) – Automated debtor chasing. Satago will automatically chase your debtors for payments on set dates over due dates, it sends personalised emails and also has the nice touch of sending a thank you email after payment received. No more chasing of debts!
  4. Soldo (Connected to Xero) – Prepaid cards to replace Petty cash. This gave the client the ability to give each employee a card which they can control spending limits on and see all spending via a web control page, no chance of Cash going missing! The employee gets prompted to upload a picture of the receipt after a purchase to avoid any paperwork going missing and of course the information links seamlessly with Xero. No more manual Petty Cash system!
  5. Go Cardless (Connected to Xero) – to automatically collect payments for monthly invoices on due dates. No more manually checking standing orders or payments for invoices have been received. Go Cardless sends alerts if any payments are cancelled.
  6. Stripe (Connected to Xero) – to allow a Pay Now button to be added to one off invoices to allow customers to easily pay via card. No more taking payments over the phone!
  7. Xero Payroll – Using Xero Payroll gives each employee an App on their phone to submit daily timesheets for approval. No more manual entry!
  8. Tripcatcher (Connected to Xero) – Tracks mileage using an App on your phone and sends the mileage claims into Xero. No more manual mileage claims to check!

All these Apps combined saved the client hours of time and they can now spend their weekend making memories with their family!

If you would like a free review of your systems to see how we could save you hours of time please do not hesitate to contact me.