I recently went to a Networking evening and was asked why do you choose Xero?

I explained Xero is a great product on its own, has great time-saving features and is the most user friendly of all the cloud products (in my opinion), but the real power lies in the numerous Apps that connect with Xero!

So I thought it would be good to share some of my current favourite Apps to save you time and money!

  1. ReceiptBank – Automated paperless bookkeeping. I think one of my clients recently gave Receiptbank the best endorsement, saying “It’s that good, I actually moved the App above Instagram and Facebook on my phone homepage!” Receiptbank allows you to take pictures of your Receipts on your phone using an App, Scan, email or connect with Supplier accounts to save hours of time compared to manual entry of purchase invoices. We couldn’t live without it!
  2. Go Cardless – Automatic collection of payments by Direct Debit. Another App we now couldn’t live without! Go Cardless links with Xero and allows customers to easily setup Direct Debits so your invoices are automatically collected on their due dates. When invoices are paid they are automatically reconciled in Xero! You also get notified if a customer cancels a payment. No more manually checking if standing orders were paid, saving hours of time!
  3. Xero Me Payroll App – This is a phone App for your employees to use to submit Time sheets and manage leave requests. When the employee submits the final time sheet the employer gets notified a time sheet is ready for review and can then approve the time sheet for your Payroll controller to process the payslips. Compared to using a manual spreadsheet system this is a huge time saver for employers and employees!
  4. Soldo – Prepaid Cards that track employee expenses in Real time. A great modern way to replace Petty Cash or employees having to fund their own expenses. An employee gets a Prepaid card and employers can see expenses in real time via a dashboard and track and control spending. Of course all transactions seamlessly link with Xero saving time on manual input of old fashioned expense claims.
  5. Tripcatcher – Online mileage expense App. Manage your mileage claims easily using this App which automatically calculates your mileage, claims the correct amounts due and any VAT claimable. This all of course imports straight into Xero to again remove any manual data entry!

Those are a few of my favourites and I hope they may be of use to you and save you valuable time and money.

To find out more about Xero please view our cloud accounting page or please do not hesitate to contact us.